A grand father and boy fishing showing spring is here and its time to get your hearing checked.

Time for Spring Hearing Aid Cleaning

Google the season “spring” and you’ll see images of blooming flowers, butterflies, and birds (similar to the photo above), or find quotes about gardens, happiness, and new beginnings.

At Hearing Healthcare Center we hear a lot from our hearing aid wearers that spring signals a time of planning and renewal. It’s the season many of you visit your hearing professional to get ear wax build-up removed or bring your hearing aids in for a “spring cleaning”.

It’s also the time of year when people who have been on the fence about treating their hearing loss finally decide to do something about it.

Across the country, people are opening windows for the first time in a long time, planning summer vacations, planting gardens, biking, hiking, and returning outside.

After months of being cooped up, who can blame people for not wanting to miss a thing?

So while we encourage everyone to be proactive about their hearing health year round, spring tends to be the perfect time for procrastinators to add “get my hearing checked” to their to-do list. We back that thinking 100 percent! Here’s why:

  • Take in spring’s sounds — The birds are back. Cool breezes are blowing through wind chimes. Parks, paths, and playgrounds are filled with people and laughter. If these wonderful sounds aren’t as clear or meaningful as they once were, a hearing test and consultation with an experienced hearing professional is in order. Let them help you hear and enjoy your favorite sounds again.
  • Take advantage of new technology — If your hearing aids are a few years old, chances are you’re not benefitting from today’s best features, styles or technology. Spring is when many manufacturers introduce updates and new features to their hearing aids, making it a smart time to upgrade to a new pair or — if you’ve been hesitant to try hearing aids out — test drive the latest technology for yourself. Improved sound quality, rechargeable hearing aids, and 2-Way Audio are just a few of the many recent enhancements that make the latest styles of hearing aids worth looking (or should we say “listening”) into.
  • Prepare for summer — Before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll be in the thick of vacations, family picnics, outdoor concerts, weekend sporting activities and more. Prepare now and be ready to enjoy every minute of summer’s fun by getting all your hearing concerns taken care of before it’s too late!

Whether it’s cleaning your ears, tuning up your current hearing aids, upgrading to a new set, or just starting the process of treating your hearing loss, we can help ensure this spring lives up to your memories, hopes, and expectations. Call today for a FREE hearing test.

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