Free Hearing Assessment

If you have never had a hearing test, you don’t need to worry about a thing. The test is painless, easy, and quick! Our friendly hearing experts will guide you through the test providing a clear assessment of your hearing and the next steps to take.



We will ask about your current hearing health and desired listening situations, such as family gatherings, listening to music, watching TV, dinner parties, business meetings, church settings, etc. We will then ask about your general health and if you have been exposed to long periods of loud noise.

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We will check the health of your ears using a tiny video otoscope, allowing you to see into your ear canal on a TV screen. Your hearing problems may be just a build-up of ear wax. We may be able to take care of this problem right in our office instead of sending you away and rescheduling your test. Our hearing specialist or audiologist will discuss options with you to clear your ears.

image of a hearing aid specialist giving a free hearing test to a new patient.


Headphones will be placed over your ears and sounds will be played into each ear one at a time across different frequency ranges. You will be asked to press a button on the remote in your hand each time you hear the tone. Your results will then be plotted on an audiogram which is a graph indicating your hearing threshold. (what sound levels you can and cannot hear in each ear)



We will clearly explain your audiogram results and explain your type of hearing loss. Then, we will guide you through your options to resolve your hearing struggles. It is our practice to advise you about options to improve your hearing health with and without the aid of amplification. We will take whatever time necessary for you to fully understand your hearing loss and your specific options. In most cases, we will explain hearing aid technology and even allow you to hear what life could sound like with your own set of hearing aids. 

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