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At Hearing Healthcare Center, we proudly offer the new Signature SeriesIntrigue AI, Arc AI, DaVinci, StarLink Mobile devices, and many other hearing aid devices.

Introducing Signature Series

Sound you deserve. Technology you’ll love.

Signature Series cropped
  • Virtually invisible
  • Rests comfortably inside your ear where people won’t notice it
  • True-to-life sound
  • Neuro Sound Technology delivers sound the way the brain intended — clear and true to life.
  • Personalized craftsmanship. No two ears are alike, which is why each one is built to your unique hearing needs.
  • Available in 3 styles.
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC) Rechargeable. The world’s smallest custom rechargeable hearing aid is also waterproof* and has an up to 38-hour battery life.
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC). For those who want the ability to adjust sound settings on demand, this hearing aid is for you.
  • Invisible-In-Canal (IIC). They don’t make hearing aids smaller than this — or easier to use. You get exceptional sound with minimum fuss.

*Up to 3 feet deep. Not intended for swimming. Rechargeable styles only.

Intrigue AI

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  • Intrigue AI mimics the cerebral cortex of the human brain to quickly and more accurately ‘fill in’ the gaps produced when our hearing system falters.
  • Hear soft sounds without distracting noise.
  • Distinguish words and speech more intuitively and naturally. 
  • Reduce the effort it takes to listen and hear. 
  • Discreet, contoured design.
  • All-day rechargeability.
  • Built-tough durability.
  • Edge Mode+ optimizes sound quality on demand even in tough listening environments. 
  • Fall detection.
  • Personal health monitoring.
  • Binaural streaming. Streams calls, music, and more to both hearing aids directly for more true-to-life listening.

Arc AI


Introducing Audibel’s complete line of smartphone-connected hearing aids. Arc AI changes the game with our most advanced Audibel Sound, enhanced connectivity, and a complete line of styles. Choose from a complete line of hearing aid options that fit seamlessly into your life. From our smallest to our most powerful, we’ve cracked the code for our hearing aids to be effortlessly perfect.

  • Noise Reduction – with a 40% reduction in noise energy, compared to previous technology, your sound quality is better than ever.
  • Edge Mode – Hearing better in challenging listening environments is easy with our friendly, on-demand Artificial Intelligence feature that works with or without the Thrive app.
  • The Arc AI offers both In-ear Solutions and Over-the-ear Solutions. Talk to your hearing professional about your needs, your lifestyle, and how active you are to help find the hearing aid that’s right for you.
  • Fall Alerts – Fall Alert now provides even more accuracy in detection than ever before.
  • Reminders – Get calendar and reminder alerts directly through your hearing aids.


The art and science of custom hearing aids. Hearing aid customization means creating a one-of-a-kind hearing aid that fits your exact ear anatomy for optimal comfort and performance. No two ears are alike, and that’s why we were the first to offer customization and are still the leaders in custom solutions today

  • An invisible custom fit – DaVinci hearing aids fit deep inside your ear canal and are personally customized to you for all-day comfort.
  • Delivers superior sound quality and listening clarity.
  • Provide effortless transitions as you go about your day.
  • Preserve peace and quiet while amplifying the important things.
  • Better Wireless Streaming – Technology that provides consistent wireless performance while streaming TV, music, and other media with SurfLink Mobile 2, SurfLink Mini Mobile, and other SurfLink accessories.
  • No buzzing or whistling – Audibel’s best-in-class feedback cancellation system provides feedback-free, comfortable listening all day.


Miniscopic™ is 100% invisible*. It is a deep-insertion hearing aid that is customized to fit your ear’s canal. Miniscopic’s innovative digital technology is 100% programmable and is available for a variety of hearing losses. Here’s more:

  • 100% custom, invisible, digital, and programmable
  • New technology filters out unwanted background noise
  • Comfort Fit technology ensures in-ear comfort
  • Engineered for excellent sound quality on the phone
  • Virtually feedback-free – no more whistling
  • Custom-designed for your ear
  • Designed to be removed daily to promote better ear health

* Invisibility may vary based on your ear’s anatomy

We also carry the following hearing aid brands:

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